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DCF 1.0Boom of European wood import

Sonia Maritan

A recent study of the study centre of FederlegnoArredo Eventi Spa highlighted a strong increase in wood and wood derivative import in Europe from extra-EU countries, with a significant +31,4% from 2009. The resulting, interesting picture is described here below, a courtesy of the study centre of FederlegnoArredo Eventi Spa.

Italy holds to a third place in the macro-system Wood-Furniture-Paper, following UK and Germany, and covering 11,3% of the whole extra-EU import, that is a value of 2.931 million Euro, and feeding a total volume sales of 25.984 million Euro.

“This analysis defines the Italian market as one of the biggest European importer of EUTR products, with its third place in the Paper branch (2.038 million Euro), a fourth place in the Wood branch (763 million Euro) and a sixth place in the Furniture and Décor one (130 million Euro)”, explains Stefano Dezzutto, responsible of Fedecomlegno (the association of wood trader of FederlegnoArredo). “An important result, which implies an earnest responsibility assumption and a great commitment to monitoring, controlling and actuating of the regulation for the improvement of management and safeguard policies for forest heritage”.

Some generic pictures of the production chain Wood-Furniture-Paper.

On 19th April, during the Expert Group involving the competent authorities of EU member countries, Conlegno (Association Services Wood Cork) presented the results of the 2nd edition of the study “European Union Wood and Derivatives Import” to DG Environment of the European Commission. Figures show a 31,4% increase from 2009 and of 12,9% only in the last year of the extra EU import of EUTR products in the Wood-Furniture-Paper macro-system, for a total value of 25.984 million euro. In the latest years, this growth concerned mainly Latvia (+171,2%), Lithuania (+163,5%), Estonia (+99,5%), Slovakia (+88,7%) and Romania (+86,5%), though these values are still far from those of the main wood and derivatives importer, for instance Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands and France.

The study, carried by the study centre FederlegnoArredo Eventi Spa and commissioned by Conlegno, represents an accurate supervision of the wood and paper market through EUROSTAT data, published in July 2016, and it highlights import flows from extra-EU countries to EU-countries of products interested by the EU Regulation no.995/2010 (EUTR), which entered into force on 3rd March 2013 in all EU State members in order to fight illegal wood commerce. “The desire to realize this report was born from the necessity to monitor the effects of the Community legislation aimed to oppose the uncontrolled deforestation and illegal practices linked to wood commerce”, explains Sebastiano Cerullo, General Director of FederlegnoArredo. “Italy, which is one amongst the first importing countries for EUTR regulated products, is at the very forefront of the efforts to actuate the Regulation thanks to the main role played by Conlegno as Monitoring Organization supporting companies and as qualified interlocutor for Competent Authorities”.

A commitment involving all Community countries whose business relationships are mainly (60%) with extra-EU partners considered at risk, as represented in the study, with an index of perceived corruption (CPI) ≤ 50. Where do most of the EUTR products imported in Europe come from? Most of wood products come from Russia (16,3%), USA (15,2%) and China (14,0%), while USA (19,9%), Brazil (19,2%) and China (16,3%) are the main supplier for paper. A significant number of furniture pieces is imported from China (49,8%), Vietnam (13,7%) and Indonesia (6,6%).  The outline of extra EU import of EUTR products belonging to Wood-Furniture-Paper macro-system places China on the top of the podium, followed by USA and Brazil.