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Giovanni Sedino

We already got over the half of 2017, which should be the year of the complete recovery, according to official estimates. In fact, though there are many companies with a full portfolio and great outlooks for the future, our land is not growing as it should, and the number of people at risk of poverty is increasing, or at the very least it is not decreasing.

It is still a two-speed country: on one hand the private companies overcoming each kind of difficulties and adapting itself in order to carry on; on the other hand a never changing public system, weighed down by old, never ending and never resolved difficulties.

Such politics, due to the emergency caused by the catastrophic referendum of December 2016, still looks better than those studied only to win the elections – considering that no one ever really wins the election, since the people who get to the Parliament change roles, ideas, etc. as soon as they get there.

We have to deal with tons of emergencies, and while some are unavoidable – such as earthquakes or heavy snowfalls with the resulting avalanches -, others are even predictable but still not managed or managed very poorly: fires, financial breakdowns, micro and micro criminality, completely out of control immigration, a big part of the country that does not ever start, ineffectual or sometimes nonexistent justice, etc..

Some pictures of the 15° International Architecture Show La Biennale of Venice 2016.

Everything seems extremely difficult for Italy: from controlling banks (we have just found out that they stole a conspicuous patrimony to citizens and brought thousands of people and companies to their knees) to controlling our boundaries and therefore preserving our national sovereignty – which should be considered in our Constitution, I suppose.

All what other countries do easily and quickly, is impossible for us, both in the short and in the long term.

Despite all of that, my generation – not too young, not too old –  still believes and works for a country that saw better days and that we would like to get to shine again with our daily commitment. However, I do not know if our children still believe in this possibility and if they will not rather go to less attractive but more reassuring places to make their fortune.

In this context, Finiture is considerably growing, its export rate covering 95% of the volume sales and many technologically advanced plants being created day by day.

It will be a very hot summer, with a lot of plant being started up and produced in July and August. Italy completely stops in August, but who works abroad adapts to their customers’ needs and never stops.

2017 had a great start; we are now working for 2018, being convinced that it will be another year full of satisfaction for Finiture.

Have a great summer.