Alto Adige: Finiture at work for Finstral

Finiture has just completed the horizontal impregnation plant for profiles commissioned by Finstral, a South Tyrolean company counted among the largest manufacturers of PVC window and door frames in Europe.

The heart of the plant is Pro Flow Evo 1, the horizontal impregnating machine recently selected at the Xylexpo Innovation Awards 2018. The Finiture machine is designed to guarantee the optimization of consumption on several fronts. Thanks to a high efficiency electric blower, Pro Flow Evo 1 minimizes the consumption of compressed air. Pump and air jets are programmed to work only during the passage of the piece, in order to save electricity; finally, the closed circuit guarantees minimum consumption of finishing products and a system of pipes and nozzles facilitates internal washing, guaranteeing considerable savings in terms of time.

Finstral plant

As for the circuit, the piece goes through Pro Flow Evo 1, which has four independent chambers: input, impregnation, blowing and outlet. The drive is operated by motorized, extractable and slotted rollers to facilitate the discharge of the excess product. The piece continues through a Pro Dry tunnel for fast drying profiles, in which the hot air recirculation and a group of outgoing infrared emitters guarantee a quick and effective process. Result: in about eight minutes the piece is impregnated and dried.

Finstral plant

A highly intuitive color touch screen control panel is equipped with an electronic inverter for changing the workpiece feed speed. The software then includes a safety system that monitors the working conditions and automatically stops the system in case of anomalies.