France: the new Finiture system for Fauvel

France: the horizontal line for the treatment of profiles made by Finiture for Fauvel Menuiserie was tested at the beginning of October 2018.

Plant for the horizontal impregnation of profiles

The plant.

The plant uses the horizontal impregnation machine Pro Flow Evo1. The machine has five independent chambers for entry, impregnation, blowing and profile output. The profiles’ advancement is operated by motorized rollers appropriately grooved to allow the discharge of the excess product. A photocell placed at the inlet of the machine starts the recirculation pump and the air blades for the time strictly necessary for the profile’s treatment. The closed circuit operation guarantees a minimum consumption of the product while the blowing, operated by a system of air blades connected to a high-efficiency blower turbine, allows a considerable energy saving in relation to the use of compressed air.

The machine is also equipped with a system of pipes and nozzles for the automation of the internal washing, further facilitated by the removable conveyor rollers. The side opening also facilitates access to the rooms and their maintenance. The hydraulic circuit consists of 4 valves respectively for supply, suction, loading and unloading. Two more valves, suitably positioned, allow the total emptying of the circuits after the washing phases.

Removable slotted rollers.

Removable slotted rollers.

Once impregnated, the piece goes through the drying tunnel Pro Dry thanks to a roller conveyor powered by variable speed; hot air recirculation and a group of infrared emitters located before the output guarantee a quick and effective process and, at the same time, limit energy consumption. A variable opening in the ventilation duct allows the regulation of the air exchange to eliminate excess humidity.

After the treatment, the pieces proceed on a first motorized roller conveyor to be moved by a pneumatic thrust unit on a parallel roller conveyor that goes in the opposite direction, towards the loading area. In the automatic return group at the loading station, the piece passes through a brushing machine with rotating brushes for straight or contoured sections, with adjustable feed and rotation speeds. A simple and intuitive panel controls the hydraulic valves and a pressure gauge to measure the pump air pressure.



During the entire period of the project, the client was accompanied by the man in charge of Finiture France, Gilles Colomb.