Finiture in Hungary: the double plant for Nemeth Fá

The business relations with Eastern Europe keep on being fruitful for Finiture. The last commercial partner Nemeth Fá, a Hungarian company producing doors, windows and other wooden elements, invests on a double finishing system for windows and doors and on a Pro Flow, the first horizontal finishing impregnating machine designed by Finiture.

The work commissioned by Nemeth Fá is a plant composed of two push-pull bar conveyors, a spray booth with automatic RAS robot, a Superjet impregnation tunnel and a Pro Flow.

In the first treatment phase, Pro Flow comes into play, in which the product is delivered by means of a series of nozzles and the excess quantity is removed by suitable air jets. Pump and air jets are programmed to work only during the passage of the piece, in order to save electricity and compressed air, while the closed circuit minimizes the product’s consumption.

The impregnated and assembled pieces are then hung on the first air conveyor which, allowing to vary the number of bars both in line and in storage, guarantees maximum management flexibility. The Power / Free device frees the carriages from the towing chain when they are in contact with the previous cart or in Stop & Go positions. The workbenches are hinged to carriages in the lower rail, while in the upper one the towing chain runs.

Nemeth Fa finishing plant

The hanging pieces are transported through a Superjet tunnel for the second impregnation phase. Subsequently, they are unloaded for sanding and final inspection, and then recharged on the second conveyor and continue in the dry paint booth where a high pressure humidification system ensures an ideal moisture content without wetting the pieces. The finishing product is applied by an anthropomorphic RAS robot with automatic programming of the latest generation. The robot guarantees a perfect and uniform application of the product. Then the passage in the drying tunnel with LDP system and axial fans takes place, which accelerates the drying time thanks to the extraction of humidity. Then the pieces go to the loading-unloading area to be unloaded at the end of the work cycle.

The system is designed to be able to install a future second cabin with an automatic RAS robot, in order to double the production without altering the current system configuration.

As for impregnation and painting products, the supplier of Nemeth Fá is Remmers, a leading German company in the field of construction chemicals and wood coatings. The technicians of Remmers and Finiture worked side by side to set up customized painting cycles for the customer Nemeth Fá. This synergy has allowed the customer to obtain a perfect finish both from an aesthetic point of view and in terms of durability.