Finiture thinks big: CLT vertical finishing

An important challenge has been faced by Finiture and Handl Engineering for Hasslacher Norica Timber. The Austrian supplier of CLT for the HoHo Tower in Vienna commissioned a vertical finishing plant for CLT panels. The method, traditionally used to paint doors, windows, and furniture elements of relatively small dimensions, has been successfully adapted to panels of definitely larger scale.

CLT finishing plant

The plant developed by Finiture for Hasslacher consists of an oval ring where the parts move clockwise. The parts move from the loading and unloading area to the central sorting area, where there’s enough space for a maximum of 6 pieces. Then they are transported to the paint booth and drying chamber. At the end of the process, the treated parts pass through a sander to finally go back to the loading-unloading area.

The entire cycle is monitored by two computers located in front of the spray booth and in the loading-unloading area. The first one has an additional Winpaint software that controls the robot. The software is able to manage CLT panels up to 20 meters long and 3.2 meters high, up to a maximum weight of 4000 kg.

spraying robots

Before going into the paint booth, the panels pass through a two-dimensional scanner with workpiece-tilt detection. While one piece is being sprayed, the next one is scanned. The scanner moves when the crossbar takes place and transfers the data to the WinPaint software.

The two robots are equipped with four pistols, each with seven quick-change colors. The paint pump department has eight high-pressure pumps (7 colors + 1 water supply).

After applying the base, the fields go through the sander. The brushes are adjusted according to the dimensions of the part to be treated.