Seminar in Lithuania

 On Thursday 8th February 2017, a seminar organized by the company VBH took place in Vilnius.The main topic was the painting of windows and doors, and Finiture and the company VR coatings took part in it as speakers.

The seminar awoke much i20170208_132939nterest, since about 55% of Lithuanian door and window producers (about 40 people) attended to it.

The topics addressed by the speaker of Finiture ranged from the various benefits of the automation in finishing process 20170208_154302(increased productivity, higher quality level, better working conditions etc.) to the possibility to save energy (heat exchange systems, LDP drying units). Moreover, he presented various examples of painting lines realized by Finiture all around the world, testifying the flexibility of Finiture’s plants and their capability to meet the customers’ needs while adapting to the available spaces.