Focused responses to the specific needs about painting

Finiture is working for some 40 years in the field of wooden surface painting and painting in general. This is already a guarantee of great experience and reliability. Finiture works constantly to find new technical solutions tailored to all kinds of request, always in compliance with CE standards. These distinctive features make Finiture a leader firm in the production of plants for painting of window and door frames, furniture, chairs, tables and wooden elements and of other materials.

Main characteristics of Finiture’s working style are the followings:

  • Constant attention to technological innovation and to regulations in force;
  • Proposal of tailor-made solutions to customer problems;
  • Respect for the environment and search for ecological solutions;
  • Attention not only to large companies, but also and above all to small and medium-sized plants;
  • Design and construction in accordance with CE standards;
  • Specialised staff for assembling, testing and after-sales service.

One strong point of Finiture is its testing area where some Finiture’s plants are assembled for product and material tests: in this facility Finiture also tests all the innovations in a real industrial environment.