Campesato-Finiture: successful synergy in the name of evolution

Finiture appears in the 21st number of Sistema Serramento. The article La tua finestra di legno ha già trent’anni, (Your wooden window is already thirty years old), signed by Sonia Maritan, tells the evolution of Campesato Serramenti, a company in the nearby of Padua, which has been working in the field of production of wooden windows and doors since 1920 and of which Finiture is historical partner.

The first Finiture supply of Campesato dates back to 1993 and consisted of a solvent plant, then switched to work with water-based paint. Since then, the production layout of the company has undergone constant implementations: two small systems have greatly expanded, the inclusion of reciprocators has been decisive, followed by recovery and drying systems.

Robot automatico di spruzzatura RAS

Automatic spraying robot RAS

Giovanni Sedino, owner of Finiture, confirms: “The line we designed for Campesato has always been evolving. In 1993 we installed the first line for painting window frames with solvent-based products, consisting of rail, flow-coating, spray booth and drying tunnel installed inside the shed. In 1997 the line was modified to allow painting with water products, and therefore two reciprocators were installed with paint recovery walls. In 2000 a further upgrade of the existing line was made and a second conveyor was installed, dedicated only to impregnation, with a new flow coating with automatic color change and relative drying tunnel, always installed inside the shed. In 2005, the LDP drying system was installed in both the existing tunnels, and a lowering unit was installed to facilitate the loading and unloading of the doors and windows. As far as the finishing system is concerned, before the RAS installation, the customer charged all the parts on the conveyor chain, then the reciprocators were started, which applied two coats, respectively bottom and finish. The empty lap necessary to load the frames was a waste of time. Moreover, even the frequent color change on the reciprocators was a limitation and it was not possible to obtain an automatic process. For this reason, over time we have made a change to the line, by inserting a new cab where the RAS automatic spraying system works. Now the operator loads the parts before the RAS, so during the time necessary for the loading operations, the robot can already apply the first coat of primer and then the subsequent hands, without loading the pieces “.

In 2016 Campesato chooses to install the RAS anthropomorphic robot, largely replacing the manual part of the painting at the operative level. Perfectly integrated with the existing plant, RAS guarantees flexibility that is well suited to current market demands, made up of increasingly smaller and more varied orders. The previous reciprocator, although faster, did not cope with requests for frequent color changes. The painting times and the precision of the work also change, since RAS guarantees the application of the same amount of paint in every corner of the window, as well as being able to always work even if unattended.

The example of Campesato Serramenti is that of a company that has been able to intercept the needs of the market, wisely investing on the changes in its production layout. The multi-year synergy with Finiture is born and grows thanks to the bent to flexibility and change, always with an eye to the future evolutions.