Finiture reinforces its presence in Poland

Finiture and ITA for the Polish market

Here below you will find the translation of the article published on the May issue (2017) of Gazeta Przemysłu Drzewnego

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The Italian company Finiture srl have manufactured painting plants for more than 50 years. From its headquarters in Padova, Finiture is present on the international market to meet the needs of small, medium and large enterprises, In Poland Finiture collaborates with ITA, based in Radziejowice, an important reference in the woodworking market, which can provide top-level customer service.

Finiture was founded in Padua, a historic and dynamic city in the North-East of Italy, in the late 1950s, and since then it manufactures painting equipment for solid wood  and other materials. A solid family business, Finiture is being successfully managed since more than thirty years by Giovanni Sedino, the founder’s son. In spite of its being a small company with thirty employees, Finiture is a concrete and historic Italian industrial reality. Its characteristic is the ability to adapt its product to customers’ needs by designing and constructing custom paint systems, that make the most of the available space. From single spray booths to large, automated plants, for small, medium and large businesses, Finiture is able to find specific technical solutions for any demand. The constant attention to technological innovation and regulations, the ability to find solutions tailored to customer requirements, constructive construction quality, and efficient after sales service, have enabled Finiture to grow and to be one of the first companies in its field. Finiture  also has its own test room where, in addition to testing new machines, tests are carried out directly on the manufactured articles by the customers. Thanks to its experience and its flexible and dynamic organization, Finiture is able to follow and assist large and small customers alike.

Custom made production

Finiture’s product range is made by ground and overhead conveyors (with power 6 Free technology as well); dry, water or pressurized spraying booths, paint recovery systems; compensators with heat recovery; window parts horizontal impregnating machines with drying tunnels, as well as impregnating tunnels for frames, also with automatic color change; drying tunnel with low energy consumption; water clarifiers. Another possibility is the installation of the automatic spraying system for doors and windows with ananthropomorphic roboter named RAS, which allows to automate the painting of windows and two-dimensional elements, granting a top-level painting quality at the same time.

Always attentive to the needs of its customers, Finiture follows their evolution by developing flexible plants capable of managing both large production batches and smaller lots with frequent color and work schedules. For example, over the last decade, there has been a tremendous development of robotized paint systems, and in a few years, thanks to the skills and investments made by Finiture, a number of plants supplied by the company work with 6 or 7 axes High standards of quality and production.

In addition, although most Finiture installations are made for the painting of the frames, a part of Finiture’s production is dedicated to other artifacts, such as chairs, tables, frames, bonnets, furniture and turned parts, but also accessory (handles, knobs and feet for furnishings).

An international presence

High technical capabilities, great experience, flexibility and ability to understand the needs of its customers allowed Finiture to brilliantly overcome the crisis of the last years and to look with confidence to a future rich in technological challenges, that the company is ready to face thanks to its exceptional staff.

Finiture is present on markets all around the world and it successfully installed painting lines in many countries, including China, Japan, Australia, Canada and the United States. An efficient remote control system available on all equipment and a dedicated engineering staff dedicated to after sales service, provides reliable and continuous support anywhere in the world.

The collaboration with ITA

The collaboration between ITA and Finiture on the Polish market is quite recent, but from the beginning the two companies have found great uniformity of goals and views. This enabled them to reach important business successes in a short time. In 2016 they realized painting lines  for renowned woodworking companies such as Nordan and Skandinawskie Okna (window frames), Pacyga (tables and wooden legs), Drewmix (chairs). At present, two large robotized window painting plants for the companies Bertrand and Norwood are under construction.