On the road to automation: Fuder chooses Finiture

Finiture appears in the June edition of BM, a German magazine dedicated to carpentry and wood craftsmen.

The company Fuder GmbH, a solid industrial company from Weidenthal, producer of doors and windows, relied on Finiture for the installation of its new painting system.

The four Fuder brothers, head of the homonymous company, agree that the recent increase in the market demand has given an important boost to the automation of processes. The construction of a new production hall of 650 square meters for the installation of the plant was the natural and necessary consequence.


After a preliminary phase of listening to the customer’s needs, Finiture, together with the collaboration of its German representative, Wilfried Mutschler, has studied a custom-made system that includes: the Pro Flow machine for horizontal impregnation of profiles and a tunnel of Pro Dry infrared drying for fast drying, an air conveyor with bars in Power & Free technology, a manual flow coater and one with automatic paint change, a humidifier, a vertical drying tunnel, a clarifier for the washing waters and a dry spraying booth.

The increase in production speed and product quality, the resolution of ergonomic problems and the reduction in the workers’ number are all decisive factors for the satisfaction of Fuder management: “Jetzt läuft alles rund” – “Now everything runs smoothly “, says Frank Fuder, who, in agreement with his brothers, intends to proceed on the path of automation, also with regard to painting. The next step will be the acquisition of an automatic spraying robot, for which the system is already set up.